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Prof Ilan Goldenberg MD

Prof. Ilan Goldenberg, MD

Professor Ilan Goldenberg, MD is Director of Clinical Cardiovascular Research at the University of Rochester Medical Center (NY), currently conducting more than 30 multicenter clinical trials and registries, including Europe, Israel, and the US. He was Director of the Department of Cardiology at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv. Prof. Goldenberg is the associate editor of the Inherited Arrhythmia Corner of the Annals of Noninvasive Electro-cardiography and a frequent invited speaker at national and international conferences. He has published over 300 original articles and reviews in the fields of coronary artery disease, genotype-specific risk stratification in patients with inherited arrhythmias, genetic risk for early onset myocardial infarction, and indications for therapy with implantable devices in heart failure patients.

Dr. Ilan Gur, MD

Dr. Ilan Gur, MD is currently Vice President of Medical Management in Bikur Rofe, the leading private company in Israel for primary and emergency medical services. Until recently he was the Director of Neonatal Department (2003) and NICU (1998) in Bikur-Cholim Hospital. Dr. Gur is an expert in such field as: mechanical ventilation – Negative-positive mode – Hayak ventilation for preemie ventilation, a new monitoring method including sleep disturbance, mathematical algorithms relating to early detection of Late Onset Sepsis in preemies, and detection of Ischemic Heart Disease in healthy populations.


Dr. David Yakobi, MD

Dr. David Yakobi, MD is a Board Certified Cardiac Surgeon and specialist in Cardiology, Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine, Hemodynamics, and Physiology. Dr. Yakobi has vast experience in Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), Valvular disease, and Pediatric congenital heart disease. He also plays a key role as a medical consultant to major startup companies in the healthcare industry with particular emphasis on medical devices and digital-health. 

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