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Consent Form (EULA)

My End-User License Agreement (EULA) with Lev-El regarding how my personal information will be used for the HeartTrends service


Consent for HeartTrends: GDPR-compliant

By ticking the box on the main screen of this App, I understand and consent to the collection and processing of my personal data by Lev-El in order to perform the HeartTrends test.

Lev-El is a company focused on non-invasive detection of heart disease. Lev-El has developed HeartTrends, an early detection stress test which is designed for early detection of myocardial ischemia achieved by analyzing 20 minutes of heart beats through the use of an App and a Heart Rate monitoring belt.

The personal information that will be used by Lev-El includes my name and ID number allocated to me by my Healthcare Practitioner if they have referred me to this service for performing the HeartTrends test and providing me with my test results. Data that will be stored anonymously for research will be: my heart rate, age, test score, medical conditions, weight, gender, and health history. I am aware that Lev-El will also collect my GPS location but this, too, will only be stored anonymously for demographic research.


I understand that Lev-El will store my personal information for a period of 6 months once the test has been completed, should I require another copy of my results. After this time I understand my personal information will be permanently deleted by Lev-El.


Lev-El will only process my personal information so that I use the HeartTrends service. I understand that my personal information will not be shared with any external parties. I understand it will not be used for any other purposes.


I understand that Lev-El may share my personal information if it is required by law.


I have been informed on how I can withdraw my consent at any time and that, if I do this, I will no longer have access to the HeartTrends test and my data will be permanently deleted.


By ticking the box on the main screen of this App, I agree and fully understand how Lev-El will use my personal data.


A copy of our Privacy Notices may be accessed here:

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