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The Effortless Stress Test Alternative

Early cardiac screening for healthy individuals

HeartTrends At-a-Glance

  • Cardiac screening as reliable as an Exercise Stress Test

  • Wear heart rate recorder for 20 minutes

  • No stressful maneuvers

  • Normal activity - sit, eat, walk, shop

  • Clinically proven - CE, FDA

  • Cloud-analyzed instant results

Ideal for

Healthy people with  one (1) or more risk factors:

Smoking or Family History or Diabetes or High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol or Over 40

Unable to perform a treadmill test:

Impaired or elderly or overweight

Medical Indications (for Physicians)

  • For screening at-risk populations without known coronary artery disease

  • Evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical studies (Mayo Clinic, American J. Cardiology et al.)

  • Assessed with standard cardiac risk factors

  • Exclusion criteria: see "Physicians"

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