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Cardiac Risk Score Calculator

Cardiac Risk Score calculators are typically used to determine an individual's chances of developing cardiovascular disease within a specified amount of time (typically 10 years) giving an indication of the likely benefits of prevention. They are based on the traditional cardiac risk factors: smoking, diabetes, age, blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, family history. Examples of well-known calculators are: Framingham, ASCVD, Reynolds, HeartScore. They are used by clinicians worldwide for assessing their patient's heart risk.

A recent Mayo Clinic study shows that HeartTrends independently enhances calculator accuracy of ischemia detection. While not identical to cardiac calculators, the results are similarly indicative.

How to use:

  1. Enter your traditional Cardiac Risk Score (Pre-test Probability)

  2. Enter your HeartTrends Score (MPW) in the recalculator below

  3. Obtain your improved risk reassessment (Post-test Probability)

Ischemia Risk Score Calculator -
Post-Test HeartTrends Risk Score Table 2.jpg
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